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Why Choose Bonaire?

Hot & Dry

Bonaire’s evaporative coolers have the ability to drop the temperatures up to 30°F. Even when the air is hot and humid in areas such a Houston, you can still expect a temperature drop of 10-13°F.

Cool & Moisturising

All the Bonaire evaporative coolers come with effective honeycomb pads that can cool the area within minutes. Get relief from scorching summer heat with sea fresh breeze & moisturizing air that will immediately uplift your mood.

Green Cooling

Swamp coolers absorb the heat around it through the evaporation method and release cool and moisturized air. When you buy these portable air coolers, you are actually contributing towards a more sustainable earth.

Less Cost To Operate

This is not an Air conditioner. With 1/10 power consumption and easy maintenance, it provides cool fresh air in hot & dry weather conditions. All the air cooler models come with two-year parts warranty and lifetime cabinet warranty.