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Replacement Parts

I ordered the replacement pad, fan motor, and pump to have on hand when one of these fails in the middle of a heat wave. The service was prompt at a fair price. I will order more parts from them as I need them.

Durango Pump Motor
Daniel Goodall
New pump

This Bonaire has been in use in the Las Vegas summers for the last 12 years. As you can imagine it runs 24/7 for 9 months before being shut down for the winter. With the exception of a few plastic parts, I've never had to replace any major components. With that I can only speak to the old parts that still work. Only time will tell if the new Durango Pump Motor holds up like the last one. As it stands now this unit is going to outlast me. Am I impressed with Bonaire YES, and it is important to note this unit cools a 1725 sqf home when used properly.

Durango Pump Motor
Deborah Docherty
Didn't need it, but it is a good pump.

The hose from the pump to the dispersal area was kinked. Turns out the pump is fine. I am keeping it though because it will go out eventually and the price will not go up this way. Although the price only goes up minimally each year. I have had to replace it far less than others report.

Durango Pump Motor
Michelle Erickson
Too hot without the pump!

It was over 110 degrees when my pump stopped worrying. Thank goodness my replacement Bonaire Durango pump motor works as good or better than the original! Installation is very simple so that even this old arthritic woman easily replaced, installed and is now cool again. It only sucked that it took a full week to ship so I’d sweated away ten pounds but I needed that too!!!

love this product

The first one we bought worked so well we just received our second one. We have a 7000sq ft warehouse and these really help cool the area down.And does not use a lot of electricity . Very Very happy

Durango Pump Motor
Cliff Mondello
Happy with Bonaire Durango window cooler service

Easy to order,find items and delivery of purchase.

Durango Bleed Nipple
Leonard Paul
Durango Bleed Nipple

Works good.

Wrong sub size and you don’t make what we need anymore..

You don’t make our size anymore.. we bought ours 3 years ago from Home Depot. Can’t find filters anywhere!!
Has to be for a 2018, 7000 series bonair evaporative cooling pad kit

The item you reviewed is for a small portable cooler. We sell both version at Home for the 7000 Rooftop.
Roof Top 7000 Evaporative Cooler Filter Pad kit for units 2018 or newer
28.1 in Length
26.6 in Height
2.4 in Width


2017 Roof Top 7000 Evaporative Cooler Filter Pad kit
31.5 in Length
24.6 in Height
3 in Width

excellent quality, Easy to install

New water filter

Fits and works perfectly

Durango Pad is Superior!

We installed the Durango Cooler on our covered patio 3 years ago (live in AZ) and absolutely love it! Keeps the patio 20°-25° cooler than the backyard, which means we get to comfortably enjoy the outdoors all summer long! I made the mistake of putting-in an 'alternate' pad this spring and was not at all happy. It didn't cool as well and quickly built-up calcium (hard-water) deposits, which required cleaning every other week! I couldn't figure-put why I was having this issue all of a sudden and thought it might be the inferior pad. So I ordered the Durango Pad and am glad I did!
The system is cooling much more effectively with very little hard-water deposit build-up! Trust me when I say Durango Coolers are the Best on the market and their Pad design and material is far Superior to any competitors!!
A truly satisfied customer!!


Ordered both a water pump and pads for my Durango cooler. Parts arrived quickly as ordered and Bonaire quickly rectified an issue with the pump. I am extremely pleased with their customer service

Durango 3100 Filtercool Six Pad Set
Michelle Mesa
3100 Filtercool six pad set

Very happy with the order, and service

Pads and pump

Pads were received promptly , pump took a week. If I had known would have bought pump locally.

Working as well as can be expected

It blows out cool air and we love it very much

Durango Pump Motor
Jeff Kennedy
Durango Pump Motor

Thank you for the Quick delivery. Have Not installed it yet, the pump that is currently in the unit came back to life, it is 7 to 8 years old, this is the second pump ordered in the14 years that I have had my Bonaire installed in the High Desert. Thanks to All the Folks at Bonaire, for building a Great Coooooler!!


Muy satisfecha con mi control para mi Cooler gracias.

The BEST Coolers on the Market

Bonaire makes the BEST coolers on the market..We have 4 of them.. One is in our 1000sqft Dog Room and we have 3 in our house that is just over 3000sqft.. They keep our house cool and comfortable for us and our Animals.. Our Dog Room stays about 62 to 66 degrees which keeps our dogs happy campers.. Don’t recommend any other cooler then a Bonaire.. The 4500 in our Dog Room is about 8 years old and during the Summer it’s on all afternoon and then on all night during the Summer and this year we are in need of Replacing the motor.. Bonaire is the only Cooler we put in our home and for our Dogs…

Remote IR Durango 2018 4500E, 5900E Window Units

Every thing was great, however I cant get the outer casing off
1 tried everything for hours, I still have not been able tp get it to come apart.
any suggestions?

Durango Pump Motor
Robert Bleck

Works fine. Biggest problem was connecting wiring

Remote IR Durango 2019 4500E, 5900E Window Unit

I lost the remote and it was easy to find on Bonaire Durango website. Shipping was fast and the remote worked great. I like that you can run the pump by it self to wet the pads before you run the fan in the newer units. The remote is easy to use also it uses aaa batteries. Bonaire Durango has great customer service and I recommend there products for anyone that live in dry climates.

Good Product

These work well as fans. The components seem strong and simple to open and close. The drawer, however, can accommodate ice and water for better cooling.

It a good fix

Thank you very much