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Great product!

We’ve only had our Bonaire for a few days but it works great no assembly required . straight out of the box fill it with water and plug it in and very portable too. We use it throughout the house and in the garage and it works very well.
Highly recommend

Broke instantly

This item broke within 30 minutes of running. I powered off the unit, and there was a loud bang.. wouldn’t turn back on. Will not buy another. Poor product.

Great on my patio

This was purchased a week ago and is being used on my patio in Las Vegas. It's currently over 100 degrees outside, however the area stays fairly chilly. I only fill it once a day because it can contain a lot of water.


I'm really enjoying it and would highly suggest it to anyone in need of a cooler.

Perfect for my needs.

Providing enough cooling to notice a difference in temperature.

Life Saver!

Our downstairs A/C failed, and after arguing with the utterly incompetent "home warranty" guys, we are left without air conditioning. So I purchased this model, and it has truly saved my life. Our downstairs is over 1000 square feet, but it has done a fantastic job of staying livable. When I'm not using it inside the house, it will be useful in the garage. I might buy the smaller size as a backup. They'll also be quite helpful the next spring when it's still too cold for air conditioning but the house is getting a little stuffy even with the windows open.

extremely happy

Purchased this a few days ago and am happy with it thus far. I seldom ever need to add water to it because of the large tank. Simple to unbox, exactly as shown in the picture.

Works great if you place the unit beside a window

Works great if you place the unit beside a window

Incredibly good at cooling the space

Incredibly good at cooling the space

Works nicely in a 150 SF room

Works nicely in a 150 SF room and immediately reduces the temperature by 5 to 10 degrees. But it's important to follow the directions: unlike air conditioning units, evaporative coolers require a window or door to be slightly ajar in order to function effectively. With this cooler, maximum open ventilation is 3.5 SF (1 SF open to every 100 CFM). It works well if you follow these directions. If you don't, the atmosphere in the room will just become more humid. It functions fine but is not air conditioning.

Pleasantly surprised!

It's 112 degrees outside and my AC is broken. At nine o'clock at night, I set it up and got immediate relief. I was finally able to calm down for the first time in hours within 5 minutes. EWithing 15 minutes, I could feel the cool air throughout the bathroom. Because it is so portable and lightweight, it will definitely be useful in future emergency or anywhere extra cooling is required. This unit saved my bacon and allowed me to sleep, so I'm keeping it. I adore it and suggest it.


Great service and very nice to work with them

Very good product

I love mine..It keeps my rooms really cool..
And it lasts along time on 3 gallons of water.
Very 😊


Little bit loud, but definitely does the job.

Does the job.

Excellent quality; it performs as promised; I highly recommend this cooler

It works real well

We are happy with ours. Not the quietest but so what, it keeps us cool.


I BOUGHT ONE FOR FAMILY MEMBERS WHOSE A.C. WAS DOWN AND THEY LOVE IT. Although a little noisy, it accomplishes the task of cooling off a space, as intended.

Good product

This is not a quiet unit but it's not loud either it is what I expected for a mini swamp cooler. I filled the tank of water and use low fan speed and it ran about 15 hours before I had to refill the water tank. The water tank is not removable so it is a little cumbersome to fill but that doesn't bother me I thought the product worked fairly well considering it's not a real air conditioner but a swamp cooler. This is not designed for a large room but definitely reduces the air temperature.

It does its job

Just plug it in and cool off. The noise level is less and it does the job well. My room isn't quite big so the air circulates pretty well to make the room cool, sometimes even too cold. No complaints.

Compare First with other brands

seemed to work ok for 3 hours then water leaking out of a hole in the back. Covered with heavy tape and leaking stopped. The cooling effect wasn't much much better than running a floor fan, so that was disappointing as well. I Do not recommend this product.

Just what I needed

Great unit, quite than my old one.

Good product

I've used EVAP coolers for a long time and have lived in the desert. I wasn't sure how well the Bonaire would function when I purchased it. I'm delighted to report that this little machine easily cools my TV room, which is 14 by 40 feet.

a little loud at higher speeds.

Found it nice though.

The cooler arrived in a carefully packed box.

The cooler arrived in a sturdy packaging with everything it needed, and assembly was simple. In the garage, I work in a confined space. Even when it's 98 degrees outside, I can roll it about and stay cool in Arizona's summer heat.

Buddy for Small Places

Well made and powerful. I placed it near a window in my small kitchen and it keeps me cool. You have to live in a low humidity place like Las Vegas though. I recommend it!