How do different Bonaire Durango evaporative coolers fit in my lifestyle?

How do different Bonaire Durango evaporative coolers fit in my lifestyle?

by Pravin Solanki on May 18, 2022

People mostly spend summertime in outdoor activities like get-togethers, backyard BBQ parties, poolside parties, family gatherings, and many other things. With summer comes hot and dry weather which might not let you enjoy your summer holidays to the fullest. Don’t let scorching heat stop you from enjoying fun activities. In this blog, we have highlighted the top three evaporative air coolers for 2022.

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Best Air Coolers 2022

  1. Durango Duet

    This is the best air cooler for personal cooling. Suitable for spaces up to 110 square meters, it is ideal for your kitchen counter table or even pet houses. This cooler is specially designed to be sleek and compact. You can literally carry it anywhere. Use it for cooling your RV during dining or sleeping for 8 hours in your RV without any hindrance. It has a strong base and is a great option for spot yoga.

  2. Durango 350 CFM

    Durango 350 CFM is the most suitable for personal cooling. This portable evaporative cooler has a water tank capacity of 3 gallons and can be carried anywhere. It comes with a powerful three-speed fan and a low water alarm. Be it your kids' room or work from home office table, Durango 350 CFM keeps you cool in hot weather.

  3. Durango 600 CFM

    Durango 600 CFM is an ideal evaporation air cooler for spaces up to 400 square meters. This air cooler is suitable for a bigger living space with parents' or kids' play area. This is the best option for combining an air conditioner with a cooler. With 9 gallons of water tank capacity and automatic vertical speed louvers, Durango 600 CFM works the best for complete room coverage. Other features include a low water alarm, full-function remote control with 7.5 hours times, and fully closable louvers for winter shut down.

  4. Durango 800 CFM

    Durango 800 CFM is meant for larger spaces up to 550 sq meters. This evaporative cooler is great for a home party for 6 to 8 people in a big living area. With automatic vertical swing louvers, it can cool the entire room within a few minutes. With a large water tank capacity of 9 gallons, you can stay cool for a long time without refilling the cooler.

  5. Durango 3100 CFM

    Durango 3100 CFM is ideal for larger spaces up to 950 square meters. This air cooler works the best for indoor and outdoor use. It’s a great option for an outdoor pool party, backyard BBQ, or even terrace party. Durango 3100 comes with a large 16 gallons of water capacity that can suit larger spaces like garage areas, patio, hobby areas, etc. It comes with a powerful 3 speed fan and lifetime cabinet corrosion warranty.

  6. Durango 5300 CFM

    Durango 5300 CFM is the most suitable air cooler for larger spaces up to 1600 sq meters. This air cooler can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is great for outdoor pool parties, automobile workshops, roadside cafes, RV, etc. It can cool down your home gym within no time. With a huge water tank capacity of 33 gallons, it's the best option for complete room coverage. It comes with a full-function remote control and a lifetime cabinet corrosion warranty.