Why do Windows and Doors need to be open for an evaporative cooler to work?

Why do Windows and Doors need to be open for an evaporative cooler to work?

by Sarah Das on Jun 03, 2022

Evaporative air coolers are not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. They provide refreshingly fresh, cool, and moisturized air in hot and dry weather conditions. You can make it more efficient by keeping your doors and windows open. Let’s understand how an evaporative cooler works.

  • The hot dry air in the room is absorbed in the evaporative cooler which then passes through a dust filter and a watered honeycomb pad to cool it down. This hot air absorbs the moisture in the chamber and cools it down. Then cool and moisturized air is dispensed all around the cooler with the help of a fan.
  • The cool and moisturized air released from the cooler adds humidity inside the room. If the room doesn’t have a door or window open, there will be more humidity in the room which will make it a bit uncomfortable.
  • When you open a door or a window, the evaporative cooler will absorb fresh hot and dry air. It will then continuously cool the room and lower the temperature without adding more humidity.

The primary function of the evaporative cooler is to hot dry air from the outside environment, pass it through the watered pads and dispense it all around the room. Evaporative coolers use a simple evaporative method to cool the area. They are eco-friendly as they don’t release any harmful gases.

 The directions and distance of open windows/doors play a significant role in the effective functioning of evaporative coolers. Mostly, evaporative coolers work in two modes:

  1. Vent-only Mode : In this mode, an evaporative cooler merely works as a fan or a table fan because it doesn’t pump water to the pads that are attached to the porous surface. Bonaire’s Durango 600 CFM comes with a powerful 3-speed fan with automatic vertical swing louvers. It can be used in a vent-only mode when you just need direct airflow.
  2. Cooling mode : In this mode, the cooler continuously pumps water on the honeycomb pads to provide cool and moisturized air.

In the vent-only mode, the humidification of the outdoor dry air is not done. Hence, the air you receive is not cool. It is similar to the outdoor air because the cooling operation is not carried out. Whereas in the cooling mode, you can simply regulate the water pumping and the direction & movement of the air cooler by adjusting it according to open windows and doors.

How to Set Your Cooler With Open Windows and Doors

You can easily adjust the distance between your cooler and open windows/doors. Opening a window near your cooler can help adjust the humidity and temperature of the room. You can significantly increase the cooling by having a door or a window open in the opposite direction for cross ventilation.

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