6 Outdoor Evaporative Cooler Uses for Summer

6 Outdoor Evaporative Cooler Uses for Summer

by Pravin Solanki on May 18, 2022

Summer is great to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. But hot dry air can limit outdoor activities. Outdoor evaporative coolers can be an effective solution to extremely hot and dry weather, no matter where you live. If you are a happy air cooler owner, here are 6 outdoor evaporative cooler uses for summer.

  1. Street Festivals

Extreme hot temperatures can rapidly sap the enjoyment and fun of an outing. Even in the southeast where temperature and humidity are high, an evaporative air cooler can reduce the surrounding temperature in a pavilion or a tent by 8-10 degrees to keep you and your customers cool and moisturized.

  1. Outdoor Living Spaces

People and their pets love enjoying their time outdoors. However, the summer heat can be a concerning issue. Blending indoor living designs into a large deck or a patio can help you enjoy backyard pool parties, barbecue parties, or family gatherings. An evaporative air cooler can lower the temperatures around you while keeping mosquitoes and other insects at bay.

With a large water tank capacity, Bonaire Outdoor Coolers are perfect to elevate your outdoor spaces or outdoor restaurant seating. They comes with a powerful 3-speed fan, a low water alarm, and full remote control so you can enjoy your events without any worry.

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  1. Group Events

Ranging from small to large, family reunions to weddings to concerts, outdoor events are very popular and fun during summers. But hot dry air and scorching temperatures can make them uncomfortable and boring. Portable evaporative coolers can be a perfect choice as they absorb hot dry air around the area while releasing cool moisturized air.

  1. Restaurant Patios

Air coolers can come in handy for cafe/restaurant owners in the high temperatures of summer. People often prefer outdoor seating during summers but they need relief from the scorching heat. Evaporative coolers not only provide cool moist air to your customers but also elevate your outdoor spaces.

6 Outdoor Evaporative Cooler Uses for Summer

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  1. Camping & RV Travel

Camping in a tent or traveling in an RV, you cannot escape from the hot dry summer air and insects that ruin camping trips. A portable evaporative air cooler can rapidly reduce the temperatures and release cool air. Also, insects don’t like direct contact with the airflow as it doesn’t allow them to fly properly. A swamp cooler will comfort you with cool air and dissuade those pesky flies, bees, and mosquitos from hanging around.

  1. Grill & Barbeque

6 Outdoor Evaporative Cooler Uses for Summer

Nothing’s better than enjoying open-flame cooked meals at your BBQ party, beach, backyard gatherings, or 4th of July festivities. Grilling is an American pastime and heat shouldn’t be an issue in enjoying your summertime. But if you feel that you are the one cooking in the boiling heat, an evaporative air cooler can be the solution for the hot, sweaty feeling from cooking over the grills.