How to Decide Between a Portable Air Conditioner and an Evaporative Air Cooler? Which Is the Most Affordable?

How to Decide Between a Portable Air Conditioner and an Evaporative Air Cooler? Which Is the Most Affordable?

by Pravin Solanki on May 18, 2022

Understanding the key differences between portable evaporative air coolers and air conditioners will help you choose the right device to keep you cool during the hot scorching days.

The most popular and common option to keep your area cool is the air conditioner. But, some ACs are expensive to purchase, install, and maintain. Also, they consume a lot of energy and have harmful effects on your body as well as the environment. So what’s a cost-effective alternative to keep you cool and moisturized?

Portable evaporative air coolers are smart, eco-friendly, and durable that exclusively cool the air through the evaporative method.

Evaporative Air Coolers VS Air Conditions - Key Differences

  1. The Cooling Method

Many have no idea about the harmfulness of the cooling agents. AC units use refrigerant gasses for the cooling process. If the AC unit has a manufacturing issue or is not maintained properly, you might get in-hale impure gasses without even knowing the reason. Also, some refrigerants are harmful to the environment, as they need to be disposed of after using them.

In contrast, swamp coolers use the most natural materials such as water for cooling. A simple evaporative process takes in hot air which passes through a watered honeycomb pad to cool it down. This cooled air is then dispensed with the help of a fan. You breathe in fresh natural filtered air.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Today, individual air conditioners may be less expensive, but if you have AC in every room of your apartment or house, the electricity bills and maintenance costs will add up to heavy expenses over a long time.

High energy consumption not only affects the budget but many other things. This may greatly affect the climate, especially if your area doesn't have any other alternative energy sources.

Air coolers can function smoothly on a low voltage and don't require a high power supply. You can simply save on utility bills and contribute toward a more sustainable earth.

  1. Climate

Air conditioners will not work perfectly if you live in a dry climate as it dries out the air. It will make your skin uncomfortably tight and leave you dehydrated. An AC is a great dehumidifier. For a dry climate, an evaporative air cooler is definitely a winner as it makes the air cool and moisturized.

How to Decide Between a Portable Air Conditioner and an Evaporative Air Cooler? Which Is the Most Affordable?
  1. Maintenance

An air conditioner needs regular cleaning every few months and have many serviceable parts in the machine, making it expensive to maintain.

Evaporative air coolers have no serviceable parts. It requires no major maintenance. To optimally use your device, just ensure clean water in the tank and replace the cooling pads once a year. Make sure the tank is emptied during winter shut down.

  1. Clean Air

You will need enclosed space for an air conditioner to function properly. Air conditioners recycle the same air inside your room or office.

Evaporative coolers operate best when a door window is kept open for cross ventilation. You get to breathe clean fresh air while using an air cooler.

  1. Cost

Often, money is a concern while creating a comfortable living space. Portable evaporative air coolers are an economical and sustainable solution to your need of keeping the temperatures low on hot summer days.

Air conditioners are on the expensive side.On the contrary, even a high-quality air cooler is less than one third the price of an air conditioner.

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