What is an evaporative air cooler? How does it work?

What is an evaporative air cooler? How does it work?

by Pravin Solanki on May 18, 2022

What Is An Evaporative Cooler? The Basics

An evaporative air cooler is a device that cools the surrounding air through the principle of water evaporation. Hot and dry air is passed through a water-soaked medium such as honeycomb pads. When the water evaporates into the air, it results in a fine blend of air and water molecules that causes a drop in the temperature as much as 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit. The resulting air feels like a cool breeze from a lake or an ocean.

The Parts Of Evaporative Air Cooler

A classic model of evaporative air cooler consists of the following parts:

  • A Reservoir

The Reservoir is meant for water distribution in the cooler. The size of this reservoir will define how long the cooler will produce cool air before refilling it. For Example, Bonaire’s Durango 3100 has a water reservoir capacity of 15 gallons that allows them to work for a long period of time.

  • A Fan

The fan pulls in the hot & dry air from outside. Bonaire’s energy-efficient coolers come with a powerful 3-speed fan with automatic vertical swings for wide area coverage.

  • Water Pads/ Honeycomb pads

Water pads absorb water and are directly related to the cooling capacity of the coolers. For instance, all the Bonaire portable swamp coolers come with honeycomb pads that are capable of effective cooling.

Swamp/ Evaporative Cooler Benefits

  • Natural Cooling
    It is a natural way of cooling. Bonaire’s new-gen swamp coolers don’t use freon-like liquids which are used in air conditioners and are also harmful to the environment.
  • Energy Efficiency

Portable air coolers are specifically designed for personal cooling. Hence, you can enjoy the direct airflow from the cooler instead of waiting for the entire room to cool down.

  • Portability

Bonaire’s portable air coolers are compact and portable. They have castors and can be moved anywhere in the home or outside on the patio or your garden. You can just carry the Durango Duet or roll any of the Durango 350, Durango 600 or Durango 800 CFM coolers around your home.

  • Price
    An evaporative air cooler is eco-friendly, energy efficient, and more affordable.

Use Your Evaporative Cooler To The Fullest

  • Open The Window

Air coolers work more effectively when you open the doors or windows because they need fresh air for proper functioning.

  • Regular Cleaning

To make your evaporative air cooler more effective, you need to properly maintain it. Clean the cooler at regular intervals for a long and healthy life of air cooler.

  • Use Of Cold Water

You don’t need to use ice-cold water for your air cooler. Room temperature or slightly warm water is an ideal temperature to effectively run your cooler.

  • Better Positioning

You can directly position the movable louvers in your Durango coolers and enjoy the cool and moisturized airflow.

Portable swamp coolers must be chosen as per your requirements. It depends on your preferences, personal needs, humidity, pricing, design, sizing of your room, and much more. If you don’t know which is the right air cooler for your room, we have dedicated an entire guide that can help you choose the best air cooler. For Sizing Guide: How to select the right cooler for you? Complete Cooler Sizing Guide